Key Collaborators

1.Prof Tim Walsh (Professor of Critical Care, University of Edinburgh)
2.Prof Danny McAuley (Professor in Intensive Care Medicine, Queen’s University of Belfast)
3.Prof Gavin Perkins (Professor of Critical Care Medicine, University of Warwick)
4.Prof Anthony Gordon (Chair in Anaesthesia and Critical Care, Imperial College London)
5.Prof Jørgen Vestbo (Professor of Respiratory Medicine, University of Manchester)
6.Prof Jacky Smith (Professor of Respiratory Medicine, University of Manchester)
7.Dr Stephen Fowler (Senior Clinical Lecturer in Respiratory Medicine, University of Manchester)
8.Prof Roy Goodacre (Professor of Biological Chemistry, University of Manchester)
9.Prof William Hope (Professor of Therapeutics and Infectious Diseases, University of Liverpool)
10.Prof Jason Roberts (Professor of Medicine and Pharmacy at University of Queensland, Australia)
11.Dr Michael Neely (Associate Professor of Paediatrics, University of Southern California, USA)
12.Prof John Simpson (Professor of Respiratory Medicine, Newcastle University)
13.Prof John Radford (Chair in Teenage & Young Adult Cancer, University of Manchester)
14.Prof Richard Body (Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Manchester)