About Us


The Manchester Critical Care Research Group undertakes a number of research themes aimed at improving the short and long-term outcomes of critically ill patients. Our current research themes are focused on (a) the airway and lungs of critically ill patients and (b) diagnosis and optimal management of life-threatening infections and sepsis. The team has experience in the design and conduct of clinical trials in critically ill patients including experimental medicine studies (including pharmacokinetic studies), large randomised controlled trials and observational, cohort studies.


  • 1. To develop a precision medicine approach to the treatment of severe infection and sepsis
    • a. Develop biomarkers for the diagnosis of sepsis and infection in critically ill patients
    • b. Develop biomarkers to optimise antimicrobial treatment duration in critically ill patients
    • c. Optimised antimicrobial dosing through improved understanding of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in critically ill patients
  • 2. To improve outcomes of critically ill patients requiring a tracheostomy
  • 3. To understand why critically ill patients fail to be liberated from mechanical ventilation